St. Theresa School is a Catholic community rooted in Gospel teachings directed to the education of each student and his/her academic, social, and spiritual development. A strong, dynamic curriculum strives to integrate faith and life, independent thinking, and academic excellence. Faculty and staff acknowledge parents as their children’s primary educators. Together as a community, we work in partnership to guide students toward becoming mature Christian decision makers who:

  • Carry out Christ’s message
  • Are self-directed learners and ethical, responsible citizens who are prepared to meet and respond to the challenges of a global society
  • Work for social justice, human dignity, and a more peaceful world

Student Learning Expectations

St. Theresa Students are:

1. Young people of faith who: 

  • Engage in the faith community through prayer, worship and stewardship
  • Respect self and others by making decisions based on the teachings of Jesus


2. Contributing citizens who: 

  • Respond to local and global needs through stewardship and service learning
  • Assume responsibility for his or her own actions
  • Respect diversity
  • Participate in St. Theresa school and parish activities 


3. Life Long learners who: 

  • Meet academic standards
  • Develop skills in physical activities and the arts
  • Use information to think, question and create
  • Work independently and cooperatively