Thank you for your interest in St. Theresa School. Founded by the Sisters of the Holy Names 55 years ago, our school continues to evolve with the needs of our students. However, our mission of delivering excellence in Catholic education combined with spiritual and emotional nourishment has not wavered. Results show we are doing our job.

Our students’ test scores are among the very highest in the Oakland Diocese. Our eighth graders regularly test into honors programs in the top Catholic high schools in our area and every year many of them also receive prestigious Presidential Scholarships. In addition to core subjects, students study music, visual arts, technology, Spanish language and physical education.

Academic success is just one measure of our school. We strive to help each student discover their God-given gifts and the joy that comes from using them to contribute to the well-being of the world around them. Our students learn how to take care of each other through buddy programs, school families and extra-curricular activities ranging from ceramics, to student council, to team sports. We also teach every student how to connect to our larger community through a variety of service projects.

I really hope you will consider St. Theresa School for your children. We will work with you to help them grow into confident, responsible young adults ready for any challenge.



Katie Murphy
Interim Principal