St. Theresa School is a Catholic community dedicated to the academic, social and spiritual development of each student. Our rigorous curriculum integrates faith, academic excellence, and both critical and creative thinking. As a community, we work in partnership with parents to guide students toward becoming moral Christian decision makers who are lifelong learners. Together, we respond locally and globally to the Catholic School Teachings.

Student Learning Expectations

St. Theresa Students are:

1. Young people of faith who:

  • Engage in the faith community through prayer, worship and service
  • Respect self and others based on the teachings of Jesus

2. Contributing citizens who:

  • Respond to local and global needs through service learning
  • Assume responsibility for his or her own actions
  • Respect diversity

3. Life Long learners who:

  • Meet academic standards
  • Develop skills in physical activities and the arts
  • Use information to think, question and create
  • Work independently and cooperatively
  • Use digital resources safely and responsibly