St. Theresa School is a nurturing, faith-based community that offers a comprehensive curriculum that is fully aligned with the nationally recognized Common Core State Standards. Our faculty is comprised of a vibrant blend of highly energetic teachers whose diverse backgrounds uniquely contribute to the classroom experience.  All teachers collaborate to create an integrated learning environment steeped in best practices and current, research-based instruction.  Our state of the art  Event Center includes a gymnasium, stage for school performances and meeting rooms.

Religion: an education in the Catholic Faith that nurtures children’s minds, bodies and spirit, inspiring them to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ to actively serve and enrich their community.

Language Arts: an integrated program that develops comprehensive language skills leading to effective readers, writers, speakers, and listeners throughout all grade levels.

Math: a comprehensive program encouraging deep conceptual understanding and effective computational and procedural skills.

Science: an interactive program that nurtures the inquisitive side of students through numerous hands- on lab activities while developing scientific literacy.

Social Studies: a study of people and communities, today and throughout history, in the United States and around the world.  This study allows students to compare and contrast past and present history.

Technology: an integrated approach to making teaching and learning more hands-on and fun. Technology is incorporated in classroom instruction, including the use of smartboards, tablets, computer and science labs which allows for more visually enriching lessons. Students learn how to research, collaborate, communicate and problem-solving skills from an early age.

Fine Arts: a program to develop creativity and artistic skill in the visual and performing arts across all grade levels. Under the direction of a Grammy award winning artist, students study instrumental music, song and art as a means of expressing their creativity and exploring their talents. Students begin musical instruction in the classroom in kindergarten through third grade. Emphasis on learning and mastering the recorder occurs in second and third grade. Our fourth and fifth graders are instructed in a variety of instruments and have a choice in what instrument they would like to play. Middle schoolers are offered a choice to continue with instrumental band or join our school chorale.

Physical Education: a discipline encompassing the mind, body and soul. Students engage in sports, dance, stretching, teamwork, sportsmanship, yoga, health and nutrition studies. Students in grades TK-5 play fun and interactive games through our Peaceful Playgrounds program that focus on teambuilding, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving skills while improving safety on the playground. For more information regarding Peaceful Playgrounds, please click here.

Spanish: a program to expose all students to second language acquisition. A TK-8 curriculum in reading, writing, speaking, and listening to Spanish supports our goal for all the students to effectively communicate in Spanish by the time they graduate.