Central to the mission of the St. Theresa Parents’ Club is to organize the time, talent and energy of our school parents, and in doing so provide the school with a network of essential volunteer services to support school programs. The St. Theresa community is enriched by the generosity of our families and through our strong spirit of volunteerism. If you are interested in getting involved in Parents’ Club activities, please contact any of the officers or committee members through Konstella for more information.

Volunteering Summary and Parent Resources
Parents or Guardians are required to volunteer a minimum of 20 service hours divided among the categories listed below. Hours must be completed between June 1st of the prior year and May 31st of the current school year. Parents or Guardians may sign up for shifts or volunteer positions via Konstella, and are required to report their own volunteer hours via the time sheet form. The Parents’ Club will issue hours status reports upon request. Please contact Aspasia Iosifellis or John O’Sullivan via Konstella with any questions about logging volunteer hours.

Families are required to contribute a minimum of 20 service hours for the School or Parish. Within those 20 hours, the following minimum commitments are required:

Traffic Duty: 4 shifts for the first child, 3 additional shifts for families with more than one child, for a maximum of 7 shifts.
Once you have signed up for a shift, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. The penalty fee for a missed shift is $25. 

Event Center Duty: 3 shifts per family
Once you have signed up for a shift, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. 
The penalty fee for a missed shift is $75. 

Annual Fundraising Programs: Volunteer a minimum of 5 hours to support the Annual Auction and other fundraising programs.

Volunteering Q&A

Volunteer Hours Tracking Dashboard

Traffic Duty Information 

Event Center Information

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