School Uniforms

General Uniform Components for Boys/Girls:

  • Navy blue or khaki uniform pants or shorts with school logo
  • Red, white or navy blue uniform polo shirts with school logo (short or long-sleeve)
  • Navy blue sweatshirts with school logo
  • Navy blue uniform sweaters with school logo
  • Red or blue fleece jackets with school logo
  • Red, white, navy blue, black or gray solid-color athletic shoes
  • Red, white or navy blue solid-color socks
  • P.E. uniform is worn on Tuesdays/Thursdays in grades 6-8 only which consists of a red t-shirt and navy blue shorts with school logo.

Girls in kindergarten through third grade can wear Macbeth plaid jumpers. Girls in all grades can wear Macbeth plaid skirts or kilts with navy blue biker shorts underneath.

All uniform items are available through Lands’ End School Uniforms. Preferred School:  900156308