“We cannot say enough positive things about St. Theresa School and community. Our daughter transferred to St. Theresa’s in 3rd grade from a local public school. The staff, teachers, children, parents and community were all very welcoming and inclusive from day one. Our daughter has thrived at St. Theresa both academically and socially. The academic program is “old-school” in that there is a fair amount of homework and the children are expected to move along rather rapidly. While this can be challenging, with the support of her teachers, our daughter has grown by leaps and bounds and she has become more confident in her abilities.” – Emily K.
“…a wonderful foundation for my kindergartener even in the midst of a chaotic time.  My high expectations have been completely surpassed by the thoughtful and robust distance learning program that has been put together. My kinder wakes up excited everyday to attend school. Every class, every assignment and every interaction are meaningful and fun.  My child’s increasing appitude for language art, math, religion, music, art, spanish and more is all because St. Ts is providing an outstanding curriculum regardless of the limitations.  And the cherry on top…consistent and excellent communication from the entire staff.  We feel so blessed to have found this exceptional school.” – Michelle B.
“We toured many schools when deciding where to send our twin boys for kindergarten, and St. Theresa’s was clearly the best for our needs. As well as the professional admissions lead, we chatted with many teachers in the hallways, all who seemed to genuinely love their work, and the kids. The kindergarten teacher is exceptional. She was extremely well-regarded before the pandemic and has quickly and expertly adapted to the new reality. I’ve been able to listen into some online classes, and am amazed at how she is able to hold the attention of her class while teaching math, reading, writing, social studies etc. She uses the technology just enough to enable learning, and to empower parents who are supporting the kids from home. The faculty and administration of St. Theresa’s have done an incredible job by developing an online learning experience that went far beyond my initial expectations. Every day I am glad we are attending St. Theresa’s during this challenging time.” – John O.
“When we started a school search in advance of our oldest starting kindergarten we looked at 3 private schools, 2 parochial schools and did research on the Oakland school system. St. Theresa’s open house was HANDS DOWN the best – it was organized, informative, friendly, the current students were so well-spoken and well rounded. We ended up starting TK this fall and have been so impressed. The teacher is fantastic, and the school itself has handled distanced learning smoothly. We’re getting to know the community more and more and everyone we meet is so genuinely friendly and easy to get to know. We love the Faith Families and the chance for our little one to get to be friends with older students. We could not be happier with our choice and will certainly be sending our younger child as well.” – Michelle P.
“Our son transferred to St. Theresa’s from an Oakland public school in 4th grade and it was the best decision we made. An area that I felt was missing that my son found at St. Theresa’s is consciousness and awareness of how he impacts others.   Not only does St. T’s provide a supportive learning environment, the teachers and administrators teach and show empathy and kindness which is so needed in this world today. This is a value that is important to me and I see in my son how St. T’s is a great influence on who he will be as an adult.” – Jesset S.
“… a K-8 academic setting where diverse students are mindful and encouraging of one another. Students are taught from the beginning to be others-centered and community servants. We are truly blessed to have our children enrolled at St. Theresa School.” – Charlyne B.
“… our family most appreciates the closeness and camaraderie developed between the students of all grades and the connection to the church.  Even the youngest students quickly learn that they are part of a larger school and the Catholic church community.” – Eileen G.
“The teachers and staff are extremely dedicated and caring. St. Theresa Extended Care Program (STEP) is a huge benefit, offering before and after care with interesting activities and homework help.” – Tracey S.
“St. Theresa provides students with a nurturing environment, solid academic program, and dedication to service in the community. The teachers and staff care about the growth of the students academically, socially, and spiritually.” – Helen H.


“St. Theresa has incredibly kind, supportive, and fun teachers. Being at St. Theresa’s is like learning with a second family. I am a proud St. Theresa student!” – Student, Class of ‘21
“St. Theresa School offers a diverse and tightly-knit community which promotes educational and spiritual growth both inside and outside the classroom. The teachers are dedicated at preparing students for attending a Catholic high-school and truly care about making their students the best they can be.” – Luke O., Class of ’17
“St. Theresa set me up for success in high school because I was already given the tools I needed to write well, think critically and communicate effectively with others. High school came much more easily for me and my St. T classmates than it did for many others as we started our high school journeys.” – Michelle H., Class of ‘13
“St. Theresa gave me an amazing foundation for academic success and personal and professional growth. I learned how to be a person of faith and my education there gave me my drive to help and see the good in others. St. Theresa’s gave me the early leadership opportunities to grow and develop skills that allowed me to thrive in my high school and college career. Most importantly, St. Theresa’s taught me how to be a good person and a good friend.” – Sarah M., Class of ‘11


“All the teachers I’ve had so far are super nice and fun! But I love PE the most because we learn all kinds of fun new games I’ve never played before. I love going to STEP. There’s so many fun things to do!  When you’re in TK and Kinder, there’s a really cool special area for you to play.  They also give jelly beans on Fridays and delicious snacks. I also love the playground. I love climbing on the play structures and swinging on the monkey bars.” – Student, Class of ‘26