Auction Committee

2023 Homecoming Winter Auction Committee


Auction Chair – Kelly Haider

Assistant to the Chair – Lisa Strudwick

Auction Donations – Jaclyn Giuliano

Marketing and Communications – Open

Auction Graphics – Andrew Purchase

Pay to Play Parties – Caroline Myers and Jillian Peralta

Cash Sweepstakes – Tracey Silva

Special Teacher Pay to Play Coordinators – Courtney Anderson & Mary Lesser

Sponsorships – Tracey Silva

Outside Auction Donation Coordinator – Francisca Hamilton-McCown

Video Production – Andrea Helmholz

Website – Sophia Kassab

Auction Program – Jennie Coyle

Gratitude Committee – Lisa Strudwick

Finance – David Tate

Event Decor – Open

Auction Event Logistics – Open

Auction Free Dress – Vanessa Lujan